Landscaping, Lawn Care, Sparta

 We offer many other services such as:

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance-- At every visit we cut and trim the grass, maintain edging, inspect for Insect or Disease and blow clean all walking surfaces.
  • Lawn and Shrub Fertilizing-- We have quality professional products for your yard, even organic if you prefer. We do soil testing to see if the grass and shrubs are going to benefit or if some adjusting is required, such as adding Lime for example, to adjust the PH.
  • Mulch installation-- We reccommend natural mulches for you yardsuch as, Hemlock, Cedar and mixed Hardwoods. We also install Root Mulch and various Dyed Mulches
  • Landscape Design and Construction-- We feed off of your Ideas and take them and use them as the foundation of our Landscape Designs
  • Sod--For that instant lawn from some our top suppliers. Also an excellnt way to control erosion
  • Seed and Hydroseeding--Seeding is somthing that we will only do with the correct type of seed. We know what kind of seed thrives in certain locations and soil conditions. This is critical to insure survival.
  • Pruning-- This is something best left to us. We know what, when, how and how often. Shrubs are too expensive to not take care of correctly
  • Tree Injection-- Certified by ArborJet, we can treat trees for a variety of Insects and Diseases without any overspray all over the place putting you at risk. We have treated trees without exposing People and Pets.
  • Snow Plowing-- We are on top of storms with our trucks and even snowblowers for those difficult driveways. 
  • We are fully Licensed and Insured. 
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