About Us

 Constantly continuing his education, Steve Oberle the president of Ground Groomers Landscaping, is certified and licensed in many areas.  He attended Rutgers University and takes courses on a regular basis for the latest challenges facing the landscape industry.  He is a certified pesticide applicator with endorsements in ornamental turf, schools, and fertilization.  Steve has extensive experience in tree care, utilizing the latest environmentally friendly tree injection technology and is certified and trained through the Arborjet Company. He is known for his love of ponds, creating and maintaining the utmost outdoor experience.  He brings the essence of relaxation into your yard with either a waterfall, decorative fountainscape or water garden.  His knowledge of fish koi compliments his creations not only in the planning and installation but in the maintenance and winterization process.


 Another area of expertise, is Paver Walkways, Patios and Block Walls.  Steve is extremely focused on the wants and needs of the customer during the design process. His focus is to steer customers into a quality product that will last for many years to come. Problematic areas require the right design detail with the right materials to overcome these obstacles. The end result is a project which is functional and built to last.

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